Marketing Analysis Services

Elementive takes the mystery out of data, helping you understand and use your analytics to identify the biggest opportunities and the best ways to invest your marketing budget. Our services will help you improve your website and online marketing to increase connections, leads, sales, and other conversions. With Elementive, you will learn why your website and online marketing aren't performing as well as you'd like and how to integrate data and analysis into your regular marketing activities. We don’t hoard our secrets here—our goal is to empower you to succeed.

White Label Services Available. Our services can be offered on a white label basis for marketing agencies, design and development firms, and business consulting companies. Please read our white label FAQs. Or, to get started, please contact us to discuss your client's needs.

Google Analytics Setup Service

Making sure your Google Analytics tracking code is properly setup and installed on your site is the critical first step in getting the data you need to succeed. We'll review your tracking code installation to ensure it is properly setup beyond the default. We'll help you make the needed changes so that your data is being tracked accurately and that all key metrics on your website are measured. Starting at just $300 per website. Learn more about what our Google Analytics Setup Service includes or to get started.

Ongoing Services

Ongoing Consultation, Analysis & Support

With Elementive’s ongoing analysis and support services, use your online marketing data and website analytics to keep your website performing at its best, generating leads, and ranking highly in search results. Analysis and support packages start at $100 per month. Learn more about our ongoing consultation and analysis services or contact us to sign up.

AdWords Management

Whether you need to start a new campaign or optimize existing campaigns, we will manage your AdWords for you on an on-going basis. We monitor and optimize your AdWords account weekly and provide a detailed monthly report of your account performance. Our management services start at $200 per month. Prices vary depending on the size of your AdWords spend. Contact us to learn more or to get started.

Website & Online Marketing Audits

Google AdWords Audit

We will review your AdWords account to make sure that your campaigns, ads, budgets, keywords and more are set-up correctly and performing at their best. If not, we will provide recommendations for improvements. This audit is only $100 per AdWords account. Contact us to begin your audit today.

Local Listings and Citations Audit

We will review the web and search results to find what citations you have, what you are missing, and what citations are incorrect. We’ll find exactly where you stand and deliver an audit on existing correct and incorrect citations, identify variations of Name, Address and Phone Number and provide an action plan for updating your listings. This audit is only $100 per business location. Contact us to begin your audit today.

Website Audit

We will review your website to make sure that tracking code is installed correctly, that your website is mobile friendly and designed for engagement. We will also make sure that your website speed or errors aren’t hindering your conversions and all the technical SEO items that you know matter are in tip-top shape. This audit is only $100 per website. Contact us to begin your audit today.

Website & Online Marketing Analysis Projects

Analysis & Optimization

Elementive's Analysis & Optimization Project is a “tune up” for your website and online marketing. We help you understand how well your current marketing activities are performing and then recommend the biggest opportunities to maximize your return. Starting at just $850. Learn more about how our analysis projects can help your company.

SEO & Technical Website Analysis

Find out how your company's SEO performs. This analysis includes a review of your backlinks, keywords, content, and the technical issues affecting your search results. Starting at $1,250. Learn more about what our SEO Analysis includes or sign up today.

Website Traffic & Conversion Analysis

Find out what opportunities you have to improve your traffic and generate more conversions from your website. With a website traffic and conversion analysis, we will review your website to help you understand where your best traffic comes from, what your visitors are interested in, what pages are the most critical to your company's success, and the biggest opportunities you have to increase traffic volume and conversion rates. Starting at $350 per website. Contact us to get started.

Competitive Analysis

Find out how you are positioned across the web relative to your competition. Learn what you can do to outperform and outsmart your competitors. Starting at $499. Learn more about Elementive's competitive analysis or sign up today.

Personas & Customer Profiles

Guidance & Training

Learn how to create actionable personas that help you have a better understanding of your target customers so that you are able to execute on the right marketing strategies that reach your targeted customers. We offer one-on-one guidance to walk you through the persona development process and help you customize a persona development action plan for you to implement. Just $750. Contact us to schedule your training session.

Research & Development

The most insightful personas often come out of a non-biased development and research effort. We'll conduct interviews with your target customers and analyze the insights gathered so that you better understand your customer's true needs, the buyer's process, and purchase decision criteria. Contact us for an estimate.

Custom Analysis & Consultation

Elementive’s marketing analytics consultants are available to answer your questions and assist with custom research and analysis projects. Contact us to discuss your questions.