Five Elements For Optimizing Your Marketing Plan

Why Optimize Your Marketing Activities?

Have you tried countless marketing tools and techniques in hopes of generating more traffic, leads, and sales—only to get disappointing results?

Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed with all the marketing channels available today, unsure of where to focus your money and resources?

If so, you need to optimize your marketing. But, how do you do that?

At Elementive, we've found that how you optimize your marketing requires optimizing five key elements of a marketing plan. How you optimize those elements depends on which marketing stage your company is currently in.

We'll start by helping you identify your current stage so that you know what marketing will get you the best results. From there help you find the right ways to optimize your marketing activities to achieve your long term goals and grow your business.

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How Elementive Helps You Optimize and Grow

From our research and experience with hundreds of companies over the last 15 years, we’ve found that marketing happens in three distinct stages. To know how to optimize your marketing requires being clear on where you are at with each of the elements of a marketing plan. From there, you can find the strategies that will serve you the best.

Every company begins in a chaotic stage where marketing is, at best, guess work. Your organization is unhealthy and dysfunctional so your objective is to try small marketing activities to see what works.

The companies that grow and survive move beyond the chaos by gaining deeper clarity about what types of marketing efforts really work and which ones don’t. The objective is to use the data you have to form a clear, long-term marketing strategy for your organization.

If you do that, your marketing becomes orderly and predictable, not chaotic. You can use your data to guide bigger investments in marketing that lead to even more growth.

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What About Your Business?

Where are you at in your business? Are you ready to gain more clarity and order in your marketing activities?

Are you ready to optimize the five key elements of a successful marketing plan?

Are you ready to invest wisely in a long-term marketing strategy that will help your business grow?

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