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Focused on Technical SEO, Based on Data & Research

In-depth, fully customized research to help you improve your website's technical and structure to increase SEO performance.

We help clients solve the hard, technical problems that prevent search engines from crawling and understanding your website.

We offer one-time and ongoing consultation services that are flexible to meet varying business needs related to improving your SEO.

Welcome to Elementive!

We are a small technical SEO consulting firm based out of Denver, Colorado. At Elementive, we help SEO teams, marketing departments, agencies, designers and developers research, analyze, and fix the technical issues holding back their website's performance. Our services are fully customized to ensure each client gets exactly what they need to solve their biggest problems.

While we specialize in technical SEO, our team has a diverse set of backgrounds in many aspects of web development and search engine optimization. Using our unique mix of talents, and our expertise in technical SEO, we help businesses of all sizes dig deep into their data to understand what most affects their SEO performance. Equally important, we also help companies understand when their SEO problems have nothing to do with technical or structural issues.

If you need to review your website's technical issues, are facing a manual action, suffering from a recent Google algorithm change, trying to figure out how to earn higher rankings, wanting to find the best ways to increase conversions, or other similar problems, we can help. Please contact us today to talk through what is happening on your website.