About Elementive

At Elementive, we specialize in analytics, technical SEO, and conversion optimization (CRO). We take an analytical and technical approach to improving websites through one-time and ongoing projects, as well as training and education services. We help clients increase conversions, improve their rankings and appearance in search results, and improve their website’s overall performance. Our clients include small and mid-size businesses, startups, non-profits, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

We are dedicated to helping businesses...

  • Measure their website performance
  • Use data to gain insight into customers
  • Learn more about their competitors
  • Configure and use analytics tools, with specialty in Google Analytics
  • Increase conversions—clicks, calls, leads, sales, or more
  • Optimize their website’s content and user experience
  • Improve technical factors to help organic search performance (SEO)
  • Resolve search penalties or manual actions
  • Migrate websites during a redesign or redevelopment
  • Solve problems that help their businesses grow

The Elementive Team

Matthew Edgar and Andrea Streff started Elementive in 2014. Prior to starting Elementive, Matthew and Andrea used their analytical and technical skills to optimize websites, manage marketing departments, and consult with large and small companies on many areas of online marketing. Matthew and Andrea, along with a talented team of staff and contractors, are able to leverage their backgrounds and experience to help all types of companies, large or small, use data and analytics to find the best ways to optimize their website to improve organic search performance, drive more traffic and increase conversions.

Matthew Edgar

Matthew Edgar


Matthew Edgar has worked in the web performance analytics field since 2001. Author of Elements of a Successful Website and Tech SEO Guide, Matthew has been interviewed by Forbes, American Express, and other publications about analytics, CRO, and SEO. He regularly speaks at conferences and teaches workshops, including speaking at MozCon and teaching courses with O’Reilly Media. You can connect on LinkedIn or read his blog at MatthewEdgar.net.

Contact: matthew@elementive.com · 720-897-8707 · Speaking Requests

Andrea Streff

Andrea Streff


Mining your marketing data and analytics to help you learn more about who your customers are and what they want from you is Andrea’s specialty. A former “jack of all trades” marketer, Andrea uses her background and expertise in direct, online and inbound marketing to help businesses bridge the gap between their marketing analytics and marketing strategy and tactics.
HubSpot Inbound Certified

Contact: andrea@elementive.com · 720-897-8706


Lexi Grafe

Lexi Grafe

Data Strategy & Analytics Consultant

A full-time consultant at Elementive, Lexi is a skilled analyst known for developing and deploying strategic marketing plans, designing innovative digital, web-based, and social media campaigns. With a versatile background, Lexi is an out of the box thinker known for improving conversions and engagement through content marketing, SEO development and community building strategies.
Google Analytics & Adwords Certified

Contact: lexi@elementive.com


Elementive Experts

SEO, Analytics, & Marketing Experts

We work with a variety of search marketers, online advertisers, social media experts, branding experts, copywriters, content strategists, designers and web developers. Analyzing and optimizing websites takes a team of experts. Ask us for a referral.


What Our Clients Say

"We're so glad we hired Elementive before embarking on a major overhaul of our website. They dug into the data and highlighted several areas of strength that we weren't aware of, as well as opportunities for improvement to better reach our audience. We appreciate the clarity and expertise Elementive brought to our project. Our entire staff will think about our website differently now, and this analysis will guide us for a while to come."
Tara Manthey, Communications and Outreach Director, Colorado Children’s Campaign

"We see Matthew and Elementive as a strategic business partner of ours. Their advanced knowledge and expertise of online marketing has helped us stay ahead of our competition and also up-to-date with various digital approaches that are constantly changing. Elementive always goes above and beyond what is asked for or requested – they always come with additional ideas and questions – making sure they are providing the best possible service for their clients. By implementing recommendations suggested by Elementive, we have seen our online performance continue to grow."
Jeff Russell, Director, E-Business, Globus family of brands

"Elementive helped us take a fresh look at our online presence and strategy to best reach our audience. The information and support they provided was presented in a very accessible and attainable way. They went above and beyond to support our work and ensure the project was useful for our organization. We refer to their reports regularly and can't wait for our next project to partner with them!"
Ellen Baskerville, Director of Outreach, Denver Preschool Program

"Elementive is a great partner for us in delivering actionable, relatable web analytics for our clients. What's special about Matthew and Andrea is that they combine their skillsets to present findings and recommendations from both a marketing perspective and a hard numbers perspective. They provide information in clear, easy to understand terms and are also great to work with!"
Eric Meredith, Principal, Atria

"What I appreciate about Elementive is their willingness to dive into a project and remain solution-orientated, always keeping the mission of the organization in mind. Elementive is thorough, fast and reliable. I know I can trust them with strategic long-term planning as well as addressing issues on the fly and maintaining a flexible working process."
Mary Gerlach, Director of Marketing and Communications, Qualistar Colorado

"The Elementive team was able to quickly understand our business model, products and the customer base we are trying to attract. Elementive was able to build a website that was easy to navigate and told a quality story of our business."
David Komatz, President, Communications Products & Services

"Elementive went above and beyond to meet an aggressive timeline, provide expertise as a member of the project team and deliver a quality product."
Sheryl Shushan, Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission

"My marketing strategy for my business was struggling. I scheduled a Discovery Project with Elementive and was so impressed to receive information that pertained to my industry, my area, and used my competition as a comparison - nothing was generic! I now have a 6-12 month marketing plan that has already proved to be successful in increasing my online presence. I cannot wait to have Elementive tune up my marketing strategy in three months and get even more results."
Beth, Aliroos Kids Consignment

"You will not be disappointed with Elementive’s attention to detail and flexibility because in the game of SEO you always want a partner who is not afraid to experiment to stay ahead of the competition in rankings and in market share."
Ashley Hirt, SEO Analyst, Ulta Beauty