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About Elementive

Thank you for visiting Elementive! We are glad you are here.

We are a technical marketing consulting firm based in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, that focuses on researching technical SEO questions to solve SEO and website mysteries. While you are visiting, let us take a few minutes to introduce who we are, what we do, our approach and how we came to be.

Who We Are: Meet the Elementive Team

What We Do

At Elementive, we help SEO teams, marketing departments, agencies, designers and developers research, analyze, and fix the technical issues and oddities that are holding their website back from reaching its full potential in organic search results and improving their user experience. We are skilled at helping businesses research their online presence to gain a deep understanding of how all the aspects of their business are working (good and bad).

We help solve online mysteries that answer client questions, such as “Why is my traffic dropping?”, “Why isn’t my website ranking?”, “How should I address a Google penalty or manual action?” and so much more. We use analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, SEMRush, Moz, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, JetOctopus, Botify and more to analyze and assess a website’s current SEO performance. From this in-depth data analysis, we report meaningful and actionable insights clients can implement to improve their website and online presence.

We enjoy what we do and take pride in our business and the work we have done for clients since 2014. We want to invite you to check out testimonials from our clients to read the firsthand experiences of our valued clients and how we've helped them achieve their business goals.

How We Approach SEO

  • SEO is a collaborative process. We will work with you to figure out what problems exist and the best ways to fix those problems.
  • SEO is an outgrowth of User Experience. SEO changes do not make sense unless they help the people visiting the website.
  • SEO is about making real changes. We do not hack together quick solutions to trick Google and do not support spammy tactics like backlink schemes, chasing keywords, or cloaking.
  • SEO is long-term focused. We will help you find shorter term strategies too, but we will always focus on the bigger picture and helping you succeed years from now.
  • We share what we know. SEO is not a mysterious process. We help our clients understand what is happening and the reasons why changes need to be made.

How We Approach Consulting

  • No scaremongering No sugarcoating. Some consulting firms make problems out to be more than they are. Other firms hide problems from the client. We will help you form an accurate assessment of drawbacks and potential gains associated with each change.
  • Flexible processes. Every website (and every business) is unique. We avoid one-size fit all packages because we want to do our best to support your unique approach. We'll work with you to adapt our process so that you get the services you need.
  • Confidentiality. The more we know about your business, the more we can help you. To encourage sharing, we hold all information learned about our client's businesses in utmost confidentiality.
  • Fair pricing. We charge our clients fairly. We only bill for the services you need and the services that will deliver the most value for your business. We will terminate projects early or refund money if it turns out you don't need a particular service.
  • We guarantee our process, not the outcomes. SEO is too variable, so we cannot guarantee specific performance outcomes. We do however guarantee that we will dig deeply into your website and work with you find the problems and opportunities likely to improve performance.

How We Came to Be

We (Matthew Edgar and Andrea Streff) formed Elementive in late 2014 after working together for over four years in a client/consultant relationship. We were both ready to make a change in our careers and after working together for so long we knew that we could build a new business we would both be proud of – Elementive.

There are a few questions we get asked more than any other: how did you the two of you meet, how/why did you decide to go into business together and then there is a third unspoken question of are you married? We want to answer all of those for you! Let’s start with the last one, no we are not married – at least not to each other. We are good friends and steadfast business partners who care equally about the work we do and the lives we each live outside of Elementive.

We met in early 2010 when Matthew was the lead web development consultant for a non-profit organization called Qualistar Colorado and Andrea was hired as the Marketing Director. We were both thrown head first into a complex website redevelopment project that took nearly 10 months to complete. The project was not just a simple reskinning of the website, but had a complex eCommerce system, community calendar, job board and integrations for advanced search functionality, registration forms and so much more.

Through this monstrous project, we quickly learned a lot about each other; how we work, how we handle stress and the standards of work we hold ourselves and others to. For many, this could have proven to be a major failure point, but for us, we formed a resilient client/consultant relationship which led us to achieve and complete several amazing projects. In our time working together, we developed a highly sophisticated Child Care Search that was licensed and resold to several other states, developed complex online application systems, training platforms and took a relatively small website that received 2,000 visits a month to a growing website that received 12,000 visits a month.

In early 2014, we both arrived at a point in our careers where we were looking for a change. We had both started to explore different opportunities. Matthew had started a SaaS company the year before and was also completing his Master's degree. Around the same time, Andrea had started to apply for new jobs in the marketing field. Then one day after Andrea asked Matthew if he could be a business reference for her, it struck Matthew that maybe we were both looking in the wrong place for what was next in our careers.

Matthew took a leap of faith and reached out to Andrea to see if she would consider going into business together. Without much hesitation, Andrea thought it sounded like a great idea! Then, we started the process of really figuring out what we would do and if we could really go into business together. For months, we met early in the morning before work and late at night developing our business plan and by November 2014, we were ready to get started. Andrea resigned her position as Vice President of Development and Marketing at Qualistar and Matthew began notifying his existing clients of the coming change. In January 2015, Elementive completed work for our first client.

Our individual skillsets, education, training, and career paths are quite different, but very complimentary. The merger of our individual expertise and strengths is what makes Elementive unique and a strong partner to our clients. We blend our deep technical expertise with strong analytics skills and marketing know-how to deliver meaningful results for our clients. Together, we have over 40 years of combined experience in web development, marketing, and analytics.

Since we started in 2014, we have also relied on the expertise of other professionals to support our client's individual needs. We have worked with sub-contractors who specialize in design, development, advertising, and content. We have built long-standing relationships with our sub-contractors and consider them part of our team and success.

We hope this introduction to who we are, what we do and how we came to be encourages you to connect with us. We would enjoy the opportunity to meet you and explore opportunities to work together. You can learn more about each of us below and contact us to learn even more. We look forward to hearing from you.