Featured Client Projects

Fit Small Business

How We Helped
Fit Small Business needed advanced conversion tracking setup on their website. As part of a custom project, Elementive configured in-depth tracking and analysis from multiple tools, resulting in enhanced overall site usage and conversions.

Who is Fit Small Business
Fit Small Business writes in-depth reviews and how-to guides giving small business owners exactly the information they need for just about every topic related to small businesses.

Africa Adventure Consultants

How We Helped
Africa Adventure Consultants was seeking new was to generate more leads from organic search engine marketing. Elementive has supported Africa Adventure Consultants in generating more leads with a Discovery & Analysis project and ongoing consultation.

Who is Africa Adventure Consultants
Africa Adventure Consultants organizes exclusive, customized, award-winning safari adventures throughout East and Southern Africa.


How We Helped
Scrimmage was seeking new opportunities to use their website and online marketing to grow their business. Elementive conducted an in-depth analysis and developed a year-long strategy based on findings of key opportunities.

Who is Scrimmage
Scrimmage makes mobile learning platforms that help companies reinforce training, improve speed to competency, and enhance sales productivity.

Globus family of brands

How We Helped
Globus family of brands wanted help understanding how to optimize the technical aspects of their websites to bolster their search marketing activities. Elementive conducted an in-depth technical SEO review and provided a prioritized action-plan based on the biggest problems and opportunities identified.

Who is Globus family of brands
Globus family of brands provides unparalleled vacation experiences, full of discovery and insight.

Village Green Apothecary

How We Helped
Village Green Apothecary needed help configuring Google Analytics across their multiple web properties. Elementive conducted a review and setup of Google Analytics, as well as providing training for how to access key reports.

Who is Village Green Apothecary
Village Green Apothecary offers individualized nutrition, expert guidance and knowledge.

Communications Products & Services

How We Helped
Communications Products & Services contacted Elementive seeking ways to use their website to support sales activities. Elementive conducted an analysis of their existing website and online marketing, resulting in a plan for a new website to reach new audiences and generate leads.

Who is Communications Products & Services
Communications Products & Services is a national distributor of outside plant product solutions for both aerial and underground network construction projects.