Advanced Web Analytics Setup Service

Making sure your web analytics is properly setup and installed is the critical first step in getting the data you need to succeed. However, to get the most out of tools like Google Analytics you need to do more than drop in the default tracking code. With Elementive’s advanced web analytics configuration service, you’ll have the in-depth tracking code and reporting you need to measure your website’s traffic, UX, and conversions. Contact us to begin your setup today.

What You Get

Step 1: Review Analytics Setup & Your Business Needs

We'll review your existing analytics tools to ensure the tracking code is properly installed and setup and that data is being tracked accurately. As we get started with the analytics setup project, we’ll also work with you and your team to determine the key actions and goals on your website that indicate success for your business.

Step 2: Advanced Google Analytics Setup

We'll setup Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager or, if you already have an account, we’ll make adjustments to your existing Google Analytics account. Basic setup includes:

  • Adding goal tracking to measure the most important big and small goals on your website
  • Setting up filters to remove spam and invalid visitors
  • Setting up segments for key customer profiles to help you track specific visitor data
  • Setting up code to track not-found error pages
  • Adding code to track form completions, form interactions, and form errors
  • Adding tracking for all links and downloads on your website
  • Measuring reading and scrolling activity to better understand visitor behavior
  • Linking Google AdWords (if used) and Google Search Console
  • Setting up custom reports for the key metrics you need to track on a regular basis
  • Plan for utilizing UTM tracking parameters to measure ad, email, and social marketing
  • Setting up ecommerce tracking (where applicable)

Step 3: Setup Other Web Analytics Tools

Along with an in-depth setup and configuration of Google Analytics, you also need other web analytics tools to get a complete picture of how your website performs. These tools help you better understand the experience visitors have on your website and how to increase conversions. As part of the web analytics setup and configuration service, we’ll also setup the following tools (most are free or cheap, we’ll provide an estimate for these tools based on your website’s traffic volume and size):

  • Heatmaps and recording tools to help you track how visitors use your website
  • Google Search Console  and Bing Webmaster Tools to track search marketing performance
  • Uptime monitoring to ensure your website is always online
  • Speed monitoring to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible
  • Google Optimize or a similar tool to help you conduct experiments on your website
  • Change monitoring services

Please note: During setup, we can add in the tracking code to your website and make related adjustments to your website’s code. Or we can provide instructions for your developer. Either way works for us. This does not affect the price.

Step 4: Web Analytics Training

As part of the setup service, we also provide a custom training session so that you know how to best utilize Google Analytics and the other web analytics tools to improve your website and increase conversions. We'll review what the reports mean and how to put them to work for your business. You will also receive access to training material.

Step 5: Analytics & Reporting Review

After allowing the tools to run and collect data, we will schedule a call with you and your team to review the data in Google Analytics and the other web analytics tools. Based on what those numbers say, we’ll provide initial recommendations on how you may want to alter your website to boost traffic, improve your website’s user experience, and increase conversions.

Other Considerations: Privacy Policy & Analytics Access

After the analytics setup project is completed, we highly suggest reviewing your website's privacy policy with your lawyer. We will provide a list of new tracking tools and the new types of data that are being tracked for you to share with your lawyer. As well, we suggest you review who has access to data and administrative functions related to the new analytics tools within your organization. As part of the training session, we will show you how to add users to the various tools and how to adjust user permissions.

Request Advanced Web Analytics Setup

Contact us to get started with your advanced web analytics setup today from Elementive. Prices start at $1,500 per website depending on the size of your website and the volume of goals and key interactions you want to track. White label services are also available.