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Andrea Streff - Partner/Consultant

Professional Bio

Andrea Streff is a partner at Elementive (, a technical SEO consulting firm based in Colorado. Andrea specializes in helping companies optimize and troubleshoot technical issues holding back their website's performance. She has over 20 years of marketing and communications experience spanning the non-profit, travel, government and recreation industries. Andrea holds a BA in Communications from Metropolitan State University of Denver and a Sports Marketing Certificate from Ohio University. Learn more or connect with Andrea at

Personal Bio

Hi! I'm Andrea Streff, a partner and consultant here at Elementive. I have been working the marketing field since the early 2000's and in have witnessed first-hand the growth and change the internet, Google, websites and social media have brought to our world. Frankly, I am thankful at times that I grew up in the "good 'ol days" when everyone still had a landline, I had to wait for my photos to be developed and the Encyclopedia Britannica was my version of "Google It".

Having the early years of my professional life be so heavily influenced by the digital boom of the late 90's and 2000's I have an insatiable interest (borderline obsession) with the internet of things. I enjoy trying to figure out what Google is up to, digging into digital data to find insights, finding technical oddities that when fixed boost a website's performance, solving online mysteries, and answering a client’s most pressing questions and curiosities.

Each day at Elementive, Matthew, our sub-contractor team and I get to do all these things and so much more. Showing up to work isn't "my job", it is my passion and I am so happy to get to live that passion out each day.

Thankfully, my life isn't all about work :). I am also blessed with an amazing husband and son who provide balance and adventure in life, an extended family who supports us through thick and thin and two sweet little dogs that keep me company in the office each day.

If you have a question or would just like to meet for coffee one day - please connect with me - I would enjoy the chance to get to know more about you and what you do.