Conversion Optimize & Website Audit

Elementive's Conversion Optimization (CRO) & Website Audit takes a deep look at your website’s structure. We analyze your website's user experience (UX) and conversion pathways so that you know where your best visitors come from, what your visitors are interested in, and what pages are the most critical to driving conversions. Our audit will help you find the biggest opportunities to increase conversion rates and what content is the most important on your website.

What is an Analytics & Conversion Optimization Audit?

Whether you call it an audit, analysis, evaluation, review, or assessment, you can think of Elementive's Analytics & Conversion Optimization Project as a “tune up” for your website! We help you understand how well your current website is performing and then recommend the biggest opportunities to optimize your website to get more people visiting and more visitors converting.

This audit is designed to look at all aspects your website. We also offer audits that focus on technical SEO performance and web analytics configuration.

What’s Included in Elementive’s CRO & Website Audit?

  • Key content review: We will determine what calls to action, design elements and features on your website’s key pages are helping to engage visitors.
  • Website pages’ review: We will review the top pages of your website and determine their traffic quality, engagement quality, traffic sources and page performance and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Website technical review: We will review mobile presence, website speed, code structure and website errors to identify what to address during the redesign.
  • Design analysis: We will determine what design elements support user engagement using heatmap analysis. We will review what screen sizes people are using when visiting your website so you know what screen sizes are critical to support.
  • Website usage and usability review: An analysis of navigation pathways, usability and accessibility will be conducted. This includes an evaluation of time on site, scroll, exit and bounce rates.
  • Demographic analysis. We’ll review your website’s audiences demographics and how these demographics relate to conversions.
  • Action Plan, Opportunities & Recommendations. What steps can you take right now and over the next several months to improve conversions and increase visitor engagement?

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Contact us now to begin your CRO & Website Audit. Prices start at $1,500 depending on the size of your website.