Analytics & Conversion Optimization Audit

Have you tried countless marketing tactics and techniques in hopes of generating more traffic, leads, sales, and other conversions only to get disappointing results? Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed with everything you could update on your website, unsure of where to focus your money, time and resources?

At the core of a successful website that generates conversions are analytics and data. With web analytics tools working you, you’ll know how to get more traffic, improve your website’s user experience (UX), and drive more conversions. On the surface, it may seem intimidating. But if you know where to look, your data contains the answers to your most pressing questions—and holds a clear-cut plan for getting the most out of your website.

What is an Analytics & Conversion Optimization Audit?

Whether you call it an audit, analysis, evaluation, review, or assessment, you can think of Elementive's Analytics & Conversion Optimization Project as a “tune up” for your website! We help you understand how well your current website is performing and then recommend the biggest opportunities to optimize your website to get more people visiting and more visitors converting.

This audit is designed to look at all aspects your website. We also offer audits that focus on technical SEO performance or AdWords performance.

Analytics & Conversion Optimization Audit Packages

Elementive's Analytics & Conversion Optimization Audits will analyze the key areas of your website’s user experience that influence conversions:

  • Brand Message
  • Brand Consistency
  • Conversion Funnel (Across Sales & Marketing)
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Website Performance (Traffic, Conversions, Usability & Technical)
  • Search Engine Performance
  • Social Media Performance

Looking to grow? Let us show you the way with an Analysis & Optimization project. Contact us to begin your analysis today.

Elementive Discovery Project - Starter Level - Grab The Low Hanging Fruit

Grab The Low-Hanging Fruit
Discover how to get more conversions with this quick review of your website. Receive a prioritized list of immediate opportunities.

Elementive Discovery Project - Intermediate Level - Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge
Get a step-by-step action plan to help you get more people visiting your website and more people who do visit converting.

Elementive Discovery Project - Mega Level - Boost Your Online Traction

Boost Your Online Traction
Build greater brand loyalty, spread the word about your products and services further, and learn how to generate more clicks, calls, leads, sales, and other conversions. It's easy when we give you a prioritized to-do list!

Elementive Discovery Project - Ultimate Level - Turbo-Charge Your Performance & Growth

Turbo-Charge Your Growth
We pull out all the stops with a comprehensive analysis of your website’s user experience, conversion pathways, technical structure and more. With this audit, you will know how to blow past the competition and maximize your visibility, results, and revenue. You get a detailed action plan designed to help you drive more traffic and conversions!

Analysis & Optimization Package Details






Key Message Identification & Analysis
Brand Consistency Review & Analysis Online
Website Content Analysis & SEO Keywords Review      
Online Competitive Review & Analysis   3 competitors 4 competitors 5 competitors
Website Page Analysis
Top Pages Review 5 pages 10 pages 25 pages 50 pages
Traffic Quality & Engagement Evaluation
Traffic Source & Landing Page Evaluation
Page Performance Analysis   Top 2 pages Top 5 pages Top 10 pages
Website Usability Analysis
Visitor Flow & Conversion Analysis
Navigation Evaluation    
Perception Testing   Top Page Top 2 Pages Top 5 Pages
Technical Marketing Analysis
Mobile Presence Analysis
Speed Analysis
Website Error Check  
Code & Tag Analysis  
XML Sitemap Review    
Duplicate Content Review & Analysis    
Search Engine (SEO) Performance
Backlink Review
Search Ranking Evaluation
Keyword Review & Analysis  
On Page Review & Recommendations     Top 5 pages Top 10 pages
Social Media Performance
Profile Setup Review
Engagement Review  
Profile Activity Analysis & Suggestions    
Add On Options
Add ons include...
In-depth technical analysis
Pay-per-click review
Local presence analysis
Customer Surveys
New design evaluation
Usability Testing
In-depth conversion analysis
  Includes 1 add on option Includes 2 add on options Includes 3 add on options
Next Steps
Action Plan Immediate action items 60 day action plan 3 month action plan 6 month action plan
Analytics, Testing & Tracking Recommendations Basic Basic Advanced Advanced+
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