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What Our Clients Say

We have worked with small and mid-size businesses, startups, non-profits, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. Below are a few testimonials that our clients have provided about working with Elementive. Learn more about who we are and what we do.

"PBJ Marking has had the privilege of collaborating with Matthew and the dedicated team at Elementive for several years and counting, and they consistently prove themselves to be our foremost choice when it comes to technical SEO matters. Matthew's exceptional treatment of our clients exemplifies his commitment to the highest standards of communication, execution, and expertise in the field. In an industry often plagued by deceptive practices, Matthew and his team's unwavering integrity deserve the utmost respect. They have effectively reinstated trust and transparency in the SEO industry."
Phillip Reinhardt Cofounder & CEO PBJ Marketing
"Working with Elementive and Matthew was a joy. Language Intelligence first approached Matthew for help with a one-off technical problem with our website and then hired Matthew to do a comprehensive technical SEO audit for us and we couldn’t be happier. Not only was Matthew completely accessible for any questions/guidance before, during, and after the audit, he presented his findings in an easy-to-understand manner, especially for non-techies like me! After going through his findings with us, Matthew presented solutions and was able to explain 'big picture' technical concepts thoroughly and how his findings and solutions will positively impact our business. I highly recommend Matthew and the Elementive team to anyone in need of a technical SEO consultancy - you won’t be disappointed!"
— Kelsey Rausch, Marketing and Communications Manager, Language Intelligence
"The Elementive team took a closer look at the technical SEO part of one of our content website and came back with a huge package of ideas and solutions to solve issues quickly and to increase our performance. We especially enjoyed that the audit and discussion have always been focusing on the practical side - which enables us to work on these aspects and to monitor them in the future with minimal resources. In the future, we will definitely collaborate with Matthew and his team again - clear recommendation!"
— Benjamin Schardt, CEO, ever-growing GmbH
"I was very impressed with the SEO work that Matthew at ELEMENTIVE did on our website. They were able to increase our website traffic and improve our search engine rankings. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in leads and sales. I would highly recommend ELEMENTIVE to anyone who is looking for effective SEO services."
— Michael Harrison, Marketing Specialist, Pro-Active Engineering
"The Elementive team brings strategic clarity to technical SEO and website optimization. In a discipline that is often seen as a black-box, Elementive offers clarity, concise data, and definitive strategies. As a marketing professional with over 25 years of experience, I highly recommend their services. As I did, you will quickly see that Elementive is the real deal."
— Darin Martin, Marketing Manager, Cast Connex Corp.
"Elementive has been a reliable and valued partner to Choosing Therapy over the past three years. Choosing Therapy is recognized as a leader in the online mental health space. We receive millions of monthly visitors and support thousands of licensed therapists. Elementive's SEO expertise has played a significant role in the growth of our site, not only boosting our visibility but also helping us to better serve our audience.

Elementive diligently maintains, monitors, and optimizes our digital marketing tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Semrush, Moz, Ahrefs, and Screaming Frog. They prepared us for the move from UA to GA4 providing us with lots (1+ year) of lead time and continue to improve and refine reporting from GA4 for our various stakeholders.

Elementive works closely with our in-house developers, SEO team, and editorial teams, serving as a trusted sounding board for ideas and offering guidance on best practices. They are always an important voice in discussions following Google algorithm updates as well. Elementive's collaborative approach has fostered a strong partnership and their analysis and understanding of SEO and content marketing have provided us with valuable insights that have informed our strategies and helped us overtake many top health publishers."
Ian Atkins COO & Co-founder ChoosingTherapy
"Elementive has been fantastic in helping both of our brands, Lead411 and Growjo, increase traffic using only technical SEO. With their help, we were able to increase's long-tail traffic by 6x. We now get over 400,000 unique visitors per month."
— Tom Blue, CEO, Lead411/Growjo
"Elementive is a great resource for all things Tech SEO. They take a practical and professional approach to any technical challenge they're presented with, and I'm always happy to refer them to the people I trust most."
— Brett Farmiloe, Founder,
"Elementive brings a level of clarity to a complex topic for our clients. They "magically" uncover and resolve issues, while bringing an elevated level of responsive service and "can do" attitude that are hard to find with any other SEO provider. Thank you Elementive!"
— Heather La Montagne, mad studio
"Working with Matthew and the team at Elementive has helped transform and grow our business. They are a true partner in helping us achieve our goals. In addition to his proficiency in digital marketing, Matthew is friendly, patient, and a great teacher. I highly recommend Elementive to any company looking to take their website and digital marketing strategy to the next level."
— Beth McCabe, Marketing Manager, Africa Adventure Consultants
"From the initial pre-design consultation to the ongoing SEO research and consultation, the Elementive team has been by our side to help us succeed with keyword research, content ideation and optimization, analytics and conversion optimization support."
— Malik Zakaria, Founder & CEO, Field Engineer
"You will not be disappointed with Elementive’s attention to detail and flexibility because in the game of SEO you always want a partner who is not afraid to experiment to stay ahead of the competition in rankings and in market share."
— Ashley Hirt, SEO Analyst, Ulta Beauty
"Matthew is a valued partner. He provides data driven insight, and supplements this with astute suggestions and quality ideas. I have found him in our dealings to be thoughtful and thorough, and most certainly committed to a win-win. I would highly recommend him for companies looking to evaluate their web strategy and brand presence."
— Derek Lundsten, CEO, Scrimmage
"We're so glad we hired Elementive before embarking on a major overhaul of our website. They dug into the data and highlighted several areas of strength that we weren't aware of, as well as opportunities for improvement to better reach our audience."
— Tara Manthey, Communications and Outreach Director, Colorado Children’s Campaign
"We see Matthew and Elementive as a strategic business partner of ours. Their advanced knowledge and expertise of online marketing has helped us stay ahead of our competition and also up-to-date with various digital approaches that are constantly changing. Elementive always goes above and beyond what is asked for or requested – they always come with additional ideas and questions – making sure they are providing the best possible service for their clients. By implementing recommendations suggested by Elementive, we have seen our online performance continue to grow."
— Jeff Russell, Director, E-Business, Globus family of brands
"Elementive helped us take a fresh look at our online presence and strategy to best reach our audience. The information and support they provided was presented in a very accessible and attainable way. They went above and beyond to support our work and ensure the project was useful for our organization. We refer to their reports regularly and can't wait for our next project to partner with them!"
— Ellen Baskerville, Director of Outreach, Denver Preschool Programs
"Elementive is a great partner for us in delivering actionable, relatable web analytics for our clients. What's special about Matthew and Andrea is that they combine their skillsets to present findings and recommendations from both a marketing perspective and a hard numbers perspective. They provide information in clear, easy to understand terms and are also great to work with!"
— Eric Meredith, Principal, Atria
"What I appreciate about Elementive is their willingness to dive into a project and remain solution-orientated, always keeping the mission of the organization in mind. Elementive is thorough, fast and reliable. I know I can trust them with strategic long-term planning as well as addressing issues on the fly and maintaining a flexible working process."
— Mary Gerlach, Director of Marketing and Communications, Qualistar Colorado
"The Elementive team was able to quickly understand our business model, products and the customer base we are trying to attract. Elementive was able to build a website that was easy to navigate and told a quality story of our business."
— David Komatz, President, Communications Products & Services
"Elementive went above and beyond to meet an aggressive timeline, provide expertise as a member of the project team and deliver a quality product."
"Working with Elementive is great. Their techniques help us streamline our process to efficiently grow and maintain our site. They see around corners in the SEO space, always sharing the latest algorithm updates to keep us ahead of the curve. Definitely some smart folks!"
— Tom Wahlin, Founder, Pack Hacker