Resources From Elementive

To help you improve your marketing activities we have compiled the following list of tools and resources. These tools and resources can be used to help support the recommendations from your Analysis Project. If you have any questions as you use these resources, please feel free to contact us.

Elementive Tools and Resources

Google Analytics Tips & Tricks
Need help getting the most out of Google Analytics? Watch our short tips and tricks videos for quick, practical advice for using your Google Analytics account.

Top 5 Web Analytics Tools:
Free Video Series

Like many business owners and marketing directors, you may wonder about your website's performance. You may be unsure how to make sense of all the data. Knowing how to utilize your online marketing data is critical to maximizing your traffic and conversions. In this free video series, you will learn how to use Google Analytics and other key web analytics tools.

Elements of a Successful Website
At a loss as to how to improve your website? No matter what industry you’re in, this book from Matthew Edgar will help you achieve your website’s goals with a few simple changes. Purchase now from Amazon.

Using Data To Make Decisions
"Big data" is on the rise and we live in an increasingly data-dependent world, but what are the best ways to use data to make decisions about our websites, content, user experiences and online marketing?

Measuring & Evaluating Content Strategies
How do you measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your content marketing strategies? How do you find new opportunties for content? In this video, you will learn how to measure the value content delivers in every stage of your sales and marketing funnel.

Using Data To Inform Development
How can you utilize data during your web development projects? Data can help you find ways to prioritize development tasks and measure impact those development projects had on the business as a whole.

Keyword Research 101 for Small Businesses
Choosing the right keywords is important for any sized business. However, it is even more important for small businesses. Check out our keyword research 101.

How Keywords Can Help Your Businesses Earn Money
Keywords can help your business and website become more well-known across the Internet. Read to learn how keywords can help your business earn money.

Why and How Voice Search Is Changing SEO
As voice search becomes increasingly more popular, it is important to know how it is changing the world of SEO. Learn why and how it is changing SEO.

5 Tips to Increase Your Lead Conversion
Are you getting leads but having trouble converting them? You're not alone. Read this article to get five tips on increasing your lead conversion.

The Evolution of Google AdWords Management
As technology continues to advance, so do the capabilities and design of Google AdWords. How does this impact Google AdWords management? Discover more here.

Mobile Usability Guidelines
Supporting customers who use mobile devices is increasingly important for growing your business and maintaining your competitive edge. It’s even important for earning search rankings. Our free presentation outlines the main factors that contribute to mobile success.

AMP Advice: How to Implement AMP
Are you looking to learn how to implement AMP and speed up your website? Check out this post for our guide to implementing AMP along with key questions to consider.

Technical Marketing Guidelines
Technical website marketing (or technical SEO) is using the website's code and server configuration to improve the website's presentation to search engines, social networks and your customers. Use this free guide as you develop your website and online presence.

Technical SEO for the Non-techie
You serve two audiences with your website: humans and robots. One important group of robots are the robots Google and Bing send to explore your website. In this video series, we walk you through the main technical SEO factors to keep in mind for your site. This presentation is intended for the non-programmer.

User Experience Measurement & Analysis
User experience is the process of better meeting your customer's expectations while simultaneously making it easier for people to work with your company. Having a well optimized user experience is essential for growth. In this presentation, Elementive explains what user experience is and how you optimize your company's user experience.

Crafting Delightful Broken Experiences
Unfortunately, technology is going to break. Regardless of what the specific error is, errors will happen. When they do, customers grow frustrated, leave your website, and you risk losing them. In this free presentation by Matthew Edgar, web consultant at Elementive, you will learn how to create a better error experience.

How to Measure Your Digital Marketing Funnel Results

How to Measure Your Digital Marketing Funnel Results
Metrics are key for building effective marketing strategies. But what about your digital marketing funnel? Find out the three core metrics you need to know how to measure.

Recommended Tools and Programs

Google Analytics – A comprehensive analytics tool to understand how people use your website.

Google Search Console – Reports on Google's perceptions of your website and offers suggestions on improvements to make.

Bing Webmaster Tools – Reports on Bing's perception of your website and offers suggestions on improvements to make.

Hotjar -  Record sessions, track funnels, view heatmaps, create polls and more.

CrazyEgg -  See what people click on and where they scroll on your website.

Inspectlet – Record how visitors use each page of your website.

Moz – Reviews and tracks organic search performance, social performance and brand performance online.

Hyperspin - Be the first to know when your website goes down. Receive alerts by email, SMS and push notification.

Google Page Speed Insights - Page Speed Insights measures the performance of a page for mobile devices and desktop devices.

Pingdom - With website monitoring from Pingdom you will be the first to know when your website is down.