The Evolution of Google AdWords Management

No advertising campaign is complete without some form of digital marketing. If you aren't advertising online, you may miss out on reaching your potential customers! Google is one of the most popular search engines out there. When seeking an answer, you'll often hear someone say, "Google it!"  Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second! That equates to 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year, worldwide. What better place to advertise, than on Google?

Google AdWords offers a variety of ways to advertise. These include YouTube videos, display ads, and apps. Google AdWords management recently made some changes to the way the pay-per-click campaign works.
Let's take a look at the evolution of Google AdWords and what it means for you.

Google AdWords Management Helps Track Your Progress

One of the most appealing features of Google AdWords is the data usage and analytics it provides. Google AdWords management is making changes to how this information is delivered to its' customers.

Visual Data

Customers running their ad through one of Google's many platforms can track how many conversions result from customers clicking on (or viewing) their ad. A new feature Google AdWords management promises for 2016-2017 is to use a more visual representation of data. This means an increase in charts and graphs to represent the success of ads. 

Device-Specific Data

More and more people are accessing the internet using their Smartphones and tablets. This means that any online entity that wants to be successful needs to cater to the mobile market. Google AdWords users will now receive performance data that is specific to each device - Smartphone, tablet, and desktop. This will help customers better manage their ads and determine where sales are lacking or soaring! Google AdWords management clearly recognizes the importance of advertising through many channels.

Google AdWords Looking Toward the Future

Google AdWords was once compiled mostly of text-based and graphic display ads. Though these are still effective, and relevant, video advertising is where it's at. It's predicted that by 2019, digital video ad spending will reach nearly $15 billion. Using videos on YouTube is a unique way of sharing your story with customers.

Other Google AdWords Changes To Come

Multiple Account Management 

There are some customers that have more than one advertising account with Google. One new feature that will make life simpler is multiple account management and accessibility. This means that by using only one set of login information, customers can switch from one account to another. This will make managing Google AdWords accounts much more convenient and efficient. Customers can manage up to 5 accounts at one time!

Individualized Service

Google AdWords is planning to create a more individualized experience for the user. Businesses can better manage accounts and organize information with customized features.

Updated Tools

According to Forbes Magazine, Google AdWords might make changes to existing tools and site navigation. These upgrades could include a second navigation option. There will also be links for 'locations' and 'devices'. Right now, many links are lumped together under the heading of 'settings'. There will also be changes to the keyword function.

Focus on Quality for Google Grants for Nonprofits

In a statement released from Google it is clear that relevancy and quality matter for nonprofits who participate in the Google AdWords grant program. In the statement Google said "In response to studies that showed that Ad Grants ads were disproportionately of a lower quality than standard, paid ads, in June 2017, we implemented a quality filter on Ad Grants in the Google Search ads auction. This filter helps keep the quality of Ad Grants in line with standard ad quality, so Ad Grantees can continue to enjoy free advertising and a great product experience. How this affects your ads--The Ad Grants quality filter is based in part on the general ad quality level of the standard ads in the country where you're showing your ads. If your ads are of relatively low quality, the quality filter will prevent your ads from participating in the auction, no matter how high you raise your bid."

Google AdWords is changing with the times. If you're in business and using digital marketing (which you should be), paying attention to marketing analytics and customer profiles is essential. 

If this is unfamiliar territory, we're here to help you keep up with the changing world of digital marketing.