How UX Analytics Go Above and Beyond for Your Business

As technology marches on, so does the general understanding of the consumer. When it comes to running a business, the average consumer is wise to the ways of advertising and the use of slogans and attractive offers designed to tempt them in and convert them from visitor to customer.

That means that as business owners, you need to be aware of the new player in town. UX is the new king of business success and by investing in a good UX analytics program, you are putting both yourself and your business in pole position for forward growth. 

What Is UX Analytics and How Can It Help My Business?

UX or user experience is the basis of your site or your business tool. How does it look, how does it work? Not the background logic, but the buttons and the visual design. Does it run smooth, does it look good and fit with the theme of your business. 

Users want more out of their experience when browsing your site or using your software. It is that experience that carries a lot of weight when it comes to building a brand and a name for yourself. 

UX analytics is a way of improving the look and feel of your site based on the creative flow of your designers and the quantitative data gathered from both user feedback and real time statistics. By investing time into gathering and analyzing these measurements you can make the necessary changes to keep your users experience a happy one. 

How Can We Measure User Experience?

There are numerous tools out there on the market that can help you gather the necessary data to analyze your end user's experience. 

Click Rate

This is a simple ratio measurement of who clicks a certain link or a button on your site and follows through on the screen that follows. 

Drop Off Rate

This is a percentage measurement that looks at how many people close down a page or return to where they were after clicking a link. If the expectation or the purpose of that button or link is to drive people elsewhere, you do not want to have a high drop off rate. 

Page Visits

This is a simple one, a counter of who many people visit a page. This can be further monitored by checking the method by which people found a certain page. Adjustments can then be made in the UX to make certain, more important clickable areas more visible. 

How Do You Know If Your Changes Are Going to Offer a Better User Experience?

With your qualitative data thoroughly checked and turned into quantitative data, you are ready to make changes to your user experience. 

Making a big change to your software or website can be expensive, and it can be risky. However, there are methods out there that allow you to run trials to see if a change delivers the expected results. 

AB Testing to Key to UX Redesign

AB testing is a testing approach that sees different versions of a UX change implemented on the site, but not available to everybody. If you only test one change, you have visitor 1 who sees the new UX and visitor 2 who sees the old, and vice-versa. 

This can be done with multiple versions each with subtle differences - ideally to the same part of the application. The UX analytics results you get from each version will show you how well the change will be received, and allow you to make an informed decision about what to change, and when. 

If you are ready to get analytical and take your UX to the next level, we are here and ready to help. 

Get in touch today and we can have your users relishing the thought of visiting your site.