What Is Technical Web Marketing?

Technical website marketing (or technical SEO) is using the website's code and server configuration to improve the way search engine robots, other automated services, and your human visitors interact with and perceive your website. This includes making the website more accessible, easier to navigate, and easier to understand.

Three Main Components Of Technical Web Marketing

There are three main components of technical web marketing.

First, your website must be findable. While a majority of the communication work is outside of a programmers' control, there are ways programmers can help by using proper HTML tagscreating sitemaps and not blocking robots from indexing your website.

Second, your website must be crawlable or accessible. You want to make that all audiences, including humans and robots, can easily access your content. When that isn't possible, you want to provide alternatives ways to access or crawl that content. This includes correctly defining redirects as well as ensuring your code is easy to crawl.

Finally, after making your website findable and accessible to the widest audience possible, you need to make your website understandable. This includes ensuring you have proper URL structures, removing duplicated content, and creating an error-free website.

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