We help our clients investigate their website and SEO performance with in-depth and fully customized research. From this research, we work with our clients to help them find the best ways to get higher rankings, drive more traffic, recover from a traffic loss, generate more conversions, and improve website engagement. Although we've helped conduct research in many areas, our most common research projects concern digging into traffic loss issues, including penalties and manual actions, and reviewing a website before a redesign or redevelopment.

Research Approach

Every client is different and as a result, every research project we undertake is different too. We keep our research scope flexible in nature so that we can explore the aspects of your website and SEO that matter most given your situation. This also allows us to adjust our research projects to fit your budget and schedule.

Throughout our research, we collaborate with you and your team. We always schedule in multiple check points to review and discuss our findings. We'll work with you to figure out the next steps within the research project based on those findings. In addition, don't be surprised if we give you assignments during the research project to collect data on your end as well.

Our research projects can be conducted as a one-time project, on a retainer basis, or as part of our ongoing consultation services. We can also adjust our final research presentation to be more formal or informal, depending on the nature of why you need this research conducted.

The most effective research is rooted in having custom data and analytics configured for your website. If you aren't collecting the right data to answer your questions, we will help you configure your analytics.

Elementive went above and beyond to meet an aggressive timeline, provide expertise as a member of the project team and deliver a quality product.

— Sheryl Shushan
Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission

SEO Penalty, Manual Action & Traffic Loss Research

Why isn't your website getting as much traffic or ranking as highly as it should? Is it due to a technical snag that prevents Google from crawling your site? An issue with schema, mobile friendliness, speed, or other tech factors? A mismatch in content to potential keywords? A competitive disadvantage? Spammy backlinks? A change in your site's authority?

Of course, sometimes it isn't a question of why you aren't ranking, but why we aren't ranking any longer. If you recently experienced a sudden decrease in traffic or rankings, we can help you explore this as well to identify the issue and help you plan out your recovery from a manual action, algorithmic penalty, or algorithm update.

As we conduct our research, we’ll go through all of our data and findings with you to answer your questions. From this, we'll put together an action plan of things that need to be addressed. We can also help you figure out who needs to address these action items. Some of these items Elementive can address directly, but we also rely on a network of subcontractors who specialize in various aspects of website development, design, and marketing who can help given your specific needs.

Pre-Redesign/Redevelopment Research

Thinking about a redesign or redevelopment? Great! Have you thought about how to manage the risks to traffic and rankings that come with a redesign or redevelopment? Far too often, we see clients lose significant amounts of traffic or rankings as a result of a flawed redesign. We want to help you avoid that.

In our pre-redesign/pre-redevelopment research projects, we help you evaluate your current website's performance. This offers a comprehensive review of everything happening with the design, technical structure, content architecture, conversion pathways, and SEO performance on your current website. An in-depth review of these areas will help us understand the content and information being highly sought out by website visitors, how visitors are current finding the information, what barriers they may run into in navigating the website, and more.

At the end of this research project, you'll understand what problems exist that should be addressed and what opportunities exist to improve your website's performance in the redesign. You'll also know what areas to leave unchanged, or to change minimally, in the redevelopment of your website to reduce any negative effects that can come from such a major overhaul.

From this research, we can help you write an RFP to find designers and developers if you don't already have designers or developers to assist in your project. If you already have designers and developers to work with, we can help you share our key findings with them before they begin their work.

We're so glad we hired Elementive before embarking on a major overhaul of our website. They dug into the data and highlighted several areas of strength that we weren't aware of, as well as opportunities for improvement to better reach our audience.

— Tara Manthey
Communications and Outreach Director, Colorado Children’s Campaign

Other Research Projects & Audits

  • Conversion Optimization (CRO). Conversions don’t increase because you change a button color. Instead, increasing conversions requires taking a deep look at your website’s structure. We analyze your website's user experience (UX) and conversion pathways so that you know where your best visitors come from, what your visitors are interested in, and what pages are the most critical to driving conversions. From this, you'll learn the biggest opportunities to increase conversion rates.
  • Competitive Analysis. Why are your competitors outranking you? This research digs into what types of tactics your competitors' websites are employing to achieve these rankings, including what types of pages and content are being used to target your shared customer base. From this, you'll learn what content to add, what keywords to target, and what tactics to consider shifting.