Technical & On-Page SEO Analysis

Get an in-depth look at the technical and on-page aspects of your SEO performance. During this SEO audit and analysis, we'll review the various technical issues that affect how Google crawls, indexes, and ranks your website. We’ll also review the content on your website to ensure appropriate keywords are used and your website delivers a great user experience.

This analysis will identify your biggest opportunities and you'll have a clear, prioritized plan for how your website can earn higher rankings in relevant search results, get higher quality traffic to your website, and turn the people who find your website on a search result into converters.

What's Included in Elementive's Technical & On-Page SEO Analysis?

  • Keyword Analysis. What keywords are you currently showing up for? Is the keyword intentionality relevant to what your website offers? What keywords present the biggest opportunity for you to rank higher?
  • Organic Landing Page Review. What is the quality of the traffic visiting your website from search and how can you improve the quality to get more of that traffic converting?
  • SEO Competitive Analysis. Who are your SEO competitors and how can you outrank them on prime search terms?
  • On-SERP Performance. Google is continually adding new features to search results, from image carousels, stars for reviews, knowledge boxes, and more. We’ll review how your website and your competitors perform and what opportunities you have.
  • Technical SEO Review. How sound is your website’s technical structure? This analysis looks at a wide spectrum of technical issues including XML sitemaps, error messages, duplicate content, canonical tags, accessibility, robot crawlability, tag usage, speed, schema, mobile performance, and more.
  • Action Plan, Opportunities & Recommendations. What steps can you take right now and over the next several months to earn those top organic rankings and draw in traffic?

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