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Technical SEO Consulting & Research Services

We help clients find and fix technical SEO issues. Technical SEO, at least our approach to technical SEO at Elementive, is about optimizing the website's code, server configuration, and site structure to make it easier for Google to crawl, index and rank your website.

Good technical SEO is about more than helping Google, though. Good technical SEO is about making the website better for everybody visiting the website. That includes Google's robots crawling the website but also includes the people visiting the website. We want to help you get higher rankings, drive more traffic to your website, improve conversions on your website and, ultimately, help your business grow.

  • Fixing 404 not-found errors
  • Preventing server errors
  • Properly setting up redirects
  • Fixing crawl budget inefficiencies
  • Getting rid of duplicate or thin content
  • Updating the website's navigation and internal linking structure
  • Rendering JavaScript properly
  • Optimizing images
  • Improving mobile design flaws
  • Speeding up websites
  • Improving Core Web Vitals and Page Experience factors
  • Adding relevant schema
  • Using HTTP response headers correctly
  • ...and so much more

Our Consulting Services

  • Ongoing Support. Our ongoing support services are open-ended and flexible. A rigid scope of work quickly becomes limiting because SEO is too variable and your company is too dynamic. Instead, each month, we'll collaborate with you to review how your website is performing, answer your questions, investigate problems, identify opportunities, and find solutions to your most pressing technical challenges. We operate on a retainer basis to ensure you only pay for the hours used.
  • One-time Projects. One-time projects can include general consultation, reviewing and testing technical SEO factors on websites (before or after launch), cleaning up technical SEO issues on your website or helping you find answers to those unexplainable website mysteries. Through one-time research and consultation projects we have helped clients recover from traffic drops, overcome manual actions, resolve penalties from Google, increase website indexing, and prepare for redevelopment projects. Our one-time projects are billed hourly so that we can adjust our project size to fit your budget. We do not have a minimum project size for one-time projects.
  • Technical SEO Audits. We also offer technical SEO audits. Unlike other technical SEO consultants, our audit is not simply a list of issues. Instead, we explain what is happening on your website, detail options for fixing each issue found, help you evaluate the priority of that issue, and provide links to additional resources to help you understand the issue. We offer a full, comprehensive technical SEO audit that looks at all aspects of technical SEO (learn more about what our tech SEO audits include). We also offer smaller audits targeted at specific areas, including a content/site structure audit and a site speed/Core Web Vitals audit. We bill a flat rate for our audits based on the site of the site and the scope of the audit.
  • Technical SEO Training. It is important the entire team understands the basics of technical SEO. Not everybody needs to be an expert at SEO, but developers and marketers working on the website need to have an awareness of the technical SEO fundamentals like how bots crawl a site, how status response codes work, how JavaScript can help and hurt SEO, what parts of speed matter, and so on. We can help with formal training, typically in the form of an all-day workshop, designed for developers and marketers. This training can be customized for your company's specific needs and is delivered remotely. We also offer informal training sessions to address specific items.

The Elementive team took a closer look at the technical SEO part of one of our content website and came back with a huge package of ideas and solutions to solve issues quickly and to increase our performance. We especially enjoyed that the audit and discussion have always been focusing on the practical side - which enables us to work on these aspects and to monitor them in the future with minimal resources. In the future, we will definitely collaborate with Matthew and his team again - clear recommendation!

— Benjamin Schardt
CEO, ever-growing GmbH

Our Approach

Every client is different and as a result, every project we undertake is different too. We keep our scope flexible in nature so that we can explore the aspects of your website and SEO that matter most given your situation. This also allows us to adjust our projects to fit your budget and schedule.

Throughout all our services, we collaborate with you and your team. We always schedule multiple checkpoints to review and discuss our findings. We'll work with you to figure out the next steps within the research project based on those findings. In addition, don't be surprised if we give you assignments during the project to collect data on your end as well.

As we work together on solving problems and finding the solution, it isn't our place to advocate what is the right next step or to proclaim the awesomeness of some new SEO fad. We aim to provide options for you of what solutions are available, and the associated pros and cons of each option. We are here to help you answer every question that comes up so that you fully understand the nature of the problem being faced. After working with us, you will be able to make an informed decision about how to move forward that is grounded in data.

Through our approach to technical SEO consultation, we've been able to help hundreds of businesses resolve their problems over the years so that their websites can operate at peak technical efficiency, earn higher rankings, drive more traffic, and generate more conversions.

If this approach sounds right for you, please contact us today.

The Elementive team brings strategic clarity to technical SEO and website optimization. In a discipline that is often seen as a black-box, Elementive offers clarity, concise data, and definitive strategies. As a marketing professional with over 25 years of experience, I highly recommended their services. As I did, you will quickly see that Elementive is the real deal.

— Darin Martin
Marketing Manager, Cast Connex Corp.

Tech SEO Guide

If you prefer a more DIY approach, check out Tech SEO Guide. Written by Elementive partner Matthew Edgar and published by Apress in 2023, this book provides a go-to resource for understanding how to address technical SEO issues. Each chapter walks through a different area of technical SEO, addressing specific scenarios and questions about that specific area. After discussing each section, the chapter will conclude with a summary of the important items to measure and monitor related to that section. Learn more or purchase your copy.