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Let's start by getting clear on what we mean when we talk about web analytics at Elementive. Web analytics is the collection and analysis of data generated by customers and users when they visit your website. Businesses use this information to better understand how people interact with their content, find their products, and use their website.

Businesses use analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, to collect this information, measure activity, and track customer behaviors on a website. Analytics platforms collect information such as: how many website visitors you have, how long customers stay, what pages customers visit, and how customers arrive on your website in the first place. In today's largely eCommerce and digital world, we believe it is essential that businesses have the analytics tools they need, properly installed and configured, to understand customer behavior, measure website performance, and make consistent improvements to their website.

Plus, the success of any website audit or technical review is, in part, dependent on the data and information available. To successfully complete a website audit, it is important to have analytics tools setup and correctly configured.

Web analytics is fundamental to your company's online success and to our ability to conduct research and audits. That is why we want to make sure your website analytics are the best they can be and that you are generating the most actionable research and reports possible with your data.

Elementive brings a level of clarity to a complex topic for our clients. They "magically" uncover and resolve issues, while bringing an elevated level of responsive service and "can do" attitude that are hard to find with any other provider. Thank you Elementive!

— Heather La Montagne
mad studio

How We Help Businesses with Web Analytics

We help businesses of all sizes:

  • Select the right analytics tool(s) to use
  • Complete basic analytics installation and enhanced customization to gather meaningful information
  • Troubleshoot analytics reporting issues and anomalies
  • Manage on-going web analytics to keep tracking and measurement in order
  • With training and technical consultation to help staff and managers understand how to use the tools efficiently

We are firm believers that you can find answers to some of your most pressing questions about how your business is performing and what your customers want by diving into the data and information contained in your web analytics.

If this all sounds like something you need and are interested in, keep reading to get all the details about our web analytics services or contact us to get started.

Our Web Analytics Setup & Configuration Services

Analytics Setup & Selecting the Analytics Tools You Need

If you already have analytics installed, we'll review your existing analytics tools to ensure the tracking code is properly installed and setup and that data is being tracked accurately. If you aren't currently using an analytics tool, we will start by installing Google Analytics. If you have an existing website, we will review your analytics configuration and also help you upgrade to GA4. To help support your SEO efforts, our analytics setup includes configuring Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. As well, if you are considering specific tools like BrightEdge, SEO Clarity, Conductor, etc. we will evaluate the tools against your needs to help you decide which tool(s) make the most sense for your business. To make sure we are selecting the best tools for your business, we work with you and your team to determine the key actions on your website and online marketing that should be measured and tracked to prove success.

Advanced Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics is the primary web analytics tool our clients use. Making sure your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are properly setup and installed is the critical first step in getting the data you need to succeed. However, to get the most out of tools like Google Analytics, you need to do more than drop in the default tracking code. We also setup additional events and conversions you need to fully measure and understand your website's traffic, SEO, UX, and conversions, including:

  • Adding goal tracking to measure the most important big and small goals on your website
  • Setting up filters to remove spam and invalid visitors
  • Setting up segments for key customer profiles to help you track specific visitor data
  • Setting up code to track not-found error pages
  • Adding code to track form completions, form interactions, and form errors
  • Adding tracking for all links and downloads on your website
  • Measuring reading and scrolling activity to better understand visitor behavior
  • Linking Google Ads (if used) and Google Search Console
  • Setting up custom reports for the key metrics you need to track on a regular basis
  • Plan for utilizing UTM tracking parameters to measure ad, email, and social marketing
  • Setting up ecommerce tracking (where applicable)

Setup and Configuration of Other Web Analytics Tools

  • Heatmaps and recording tools to help you track how visitors use your website
  • Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools to track search marketing performance
  • Uptime monitoring to ensure your website is always online
  • Speed monitoring to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible
  • Google Optimize or a similar tool to help you conduct experiments on your website
  • Change monitoring services

Our Data & Reporting Services

Web Analytics Troubleshooting

Does something just not look right in your web analytics? Are you running an ads campaign, but the data isn't accurate between the ad platform and Google Analytics? Are you feeling uneasy that the data isn't right? We can help you troubleshoot your web analytics tools to make sure the information you need is being correctly collected and reported. No matter the web analytics mystery, we can help you solve it.

Web Analytics Training

We are educators at heart and always want to share what we know with others. Embedded in our analytics work is training and education. We provide formal and informal custom training sessions so that you and your team know how to best utilize Google Analytics (and other analytics tools) to improve your website and increase conversions. We'll review what the reports mean and how to put them to work for your business. You will also receive access to training material and additional resources.