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Sometimes in life and especially in business, you need an expert's point of view and partnership. Our consultation services provide clients with the one-on-one time they need to ask tough questions about their business performance and what they may feel is holding them back. That includes questions about:

  • Concerning trends with website traffic
  • Search performance and impacts for recent algorithm updates
  • Conversion optimization strategies and trends
  • Technical structure of the website
  • Best ways to measure website and SEO performance
  • Appropriate tools to use, including ChatGPT and other AI tools

Our goal is to always listen to what our clients need and use data, research, and information to identify opportunities to improve. We offer consultation services that are flexible to meet varying business needs. Whether you are looking for an on-going partnership or need one-time expertise, we are here to help.

Elementive is a great resource for all things Tech SEO. They take a practical and professional approach to any technical challenge they're presented with, and I'm always happy to refer them to the people I trust most.

— Brett Farmiloe

Ongoing Consultation Services

Elementive’s ongoing consultation services are open-ended and flexible. We operate on a retainer basis to ensure you only pay for the hours we use. This is because SEO is too variable and your company is too dynamic—a rigid scope of work quickly becomes limiting. Instead, each month, we'll collaborate with you to review how your website is performing, including reviewing conversions, engagement, and SEO performance. From there, we’ll work together to identify the best ways to optimize your website to increase organic traffic levels, increase website engagement, and increase conversions.

We meet via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet with clients at the time and frequency that works best for your budget and needs. During our calls, we will always have items prepared that we want to discuss with you, but we also want to make sure that you have time to bring your most pressing questions and concerns forward. We work together in real time to address opportunities, discuss options, and find solutions to your most pressing technical challenges and SEO opportunities. Typically, as part of our ongoing consultation, we will also technical SEO performance and provide research and insights.

One-Time & As-Needed Consultation

Seemingly unexplainable things happen to websites and traffic. One of our favorite things to do is find answers to those unexplainable website mysteries. Through one-time consultation projects, we can help you discover what happened to your website when a problem occurs as well as help you plan out how a major change to your website, such as a redesign or replatforming, will affect your SEO. Through one-time consultation projects we have helped clients recover from traffic drops, overcome manual actions, resolve penalties from Google, increase website indexing, and so much more. In these situations, there are a seemingly unlimited number of questions and our services can help you conduct the research necessary to find those answers. If you have a data or technical issue that you just can’t find an answer to, we can help. We can also provide one-time consultation services for smaller organizations who need help with their technical SEO on an infrequent basis.

How We Work

At Elementive, everything we do involves some aspect of consultation. But consultation is an overused term. So, what do we mean by consultation?

At Elementive, we take our role as consultants seriously. You aren't hiring us because things are going incredibly well. Instead, you've hired us because something about your SEO or website performance needs to be fixed or improved from its current state. You need more traffic. You need higher rankings. You need to regain traffic following a manual action, penalty, or algorithm change. Your competitor is beating you for no good reason.

Whatever your exact problem is, we have two main responsibilities when consulting with clients. First, we want to help you research the problem you are facing and the possible ways to resolve that. You can't solve problems without data or a deeper understanding about the complex nature of SEO and online marketing. However, along with find an underlying cause, our second responsibility is working together with you and your team to a solution that is right for you. That last part deserves emphasis: right for you, because your company is unique and your SEO strategy needs to be unique as well.

As we work together on solving problems and finding the solution, it isn't our place to advocate what is the right next step or to proclaim the awesomeness of some new SEO fad. We aim to provide options for you of what solutions are available, and the associated pros and cons of each option. We are here to help you answer every question that comes up so that you fully understand the nature of the problem being faced. After working with us, you will be able to make an informed decision about how to move forward that is grounded in data.

Through our approach to consultation, we've been able to help hundreds of businesses over the years resolve their problems so that their websites can operate at peak technical efficiency, earn higher rankings, drive more traffic, and generate more conversions. If this sounds like an approach that is right for you, please contact us today.

Working with the team at Elementive has helped transform and grow our business. They are a true partner in helping us achieve our goals. I highly recommend Elementive to any company looking to take their website and digital marketing strategy to the next level.

— Beth McCabe
Africa Adventure Consultants